• Formation for communication

Formation For communication

Why is formation for communication essential?

Our loving relationships exist to be shared with others. When we experience the love of another, we feel compelled to communicate its importance to our families, friends, colleagues and others. We want to share with them that which is most precious and meaningful to us and by doing so for them to share in it. Our love is not a private affair, something that we jealously guard, but rather an embrace offered to others so that they can also experience something of love’s warmth and power.

Similarly, our experience of being loved by Christ through the beauty of His Church has to be shared with others. It is not a private affair but something we want others to know and experience.

For this experience to be shared, we will need to articulate what this love of God means for human beings and creation. We should be confident in giving reasons for our hope in the crucified and risen Christ. And to do so we will find different, complementary expressions for this love: by our teaching and testimony, by our care for the weakest and poorest, by our rituals and worship, by the creativity of artists and musicians, by deeper reflection on the fundamental symbols of our Faith and how they shape the way we live our Faith with conviction and joy.

The purpose of formation for communication is not only to illuminate the mind intellectually but to fire the heart for mission. In all of this, the animating power is the Holy Spirit who reveals who we are but also, more importantly, who Jesus is and how his saving mission of love ennobles our earthly lives and prepares us for the future glory of eternal life.

Where might formation in communication begin?

The Sycamore Course provides a useful resource in helping us to articulate our hope in Christ. Why would we recommend the Sycamore Course?

The series of informal videos are accessible without compromising on teaching content. The teaching is clear and rooted in the Sacred Scriptures and Catholic tradition. At the same time, the videos can be used in a flexible way to meet the needs of particular group or sacramental programme. This flexibility allows for catechesis to be more easily adapted to any particular pastoral situation

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