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Areas Covered

Why is formation in knowledge important?

When we meet someone for the first time, we will want to get to know them. The more we know about their background, history, beliefs and values, the deeper our relationship with them is likely to be. Where there is little knowledge of another person or when it is based on superficial impressions, then the relationship is unlikely to be deep rooted and mature.

A deeper understanding of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, grafts our lives to Him in a more stable and nourishing fashion. We slowly begin to appreciate that through Him, with Him and in Him, we are caught up in the life of the Holy Spirit and come to know His Father. God draws us into His life of friendship and love.

But we all have questions about this: How does all this happen? What does this friendship with God look like? What bearing will it have on my earthly and eternal life? Is it true?

To begin to answer these questions, we need to deepen our knowledge of Jesus, the Son of God.

Jesus on Cross in church