• Baptism

Baptism: Taking The Plunge

Most people are familiar with the rituals of baptism, but they might be less aware of baptism’s profound meaning. You might say that they have skimmed the surface of baptism but not experienced its profound depths which is the very Mystery of God Himself.

Baptism is our plunging into the death of Christ, our being drenched through by His divine life in order that we can rise with Him and share in the glory of His resurrection. At the same time, we become members of Christ’s body, the Church, and are given all the graces we need to share in a new intimacy with Christ.

As the Thresholds of Hope initiative develops we hope to create new resources that will help parents and others reflect on the meaning of baptism and allow them to renew their baptismal promises with greater conviction and integrity.

Thresholds of Hope highly recommends the Sycamore baptism programme that can be used in a short three-week form Infant Baptism Parents, Short Course (3 weeks) – Sycamore or an extended six-week form Infant Baptism Parents, Longer Course (6 weeks) – Sycamore